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In 2004 Morgan Timber became the first company to be simultaneously awarded F.S.C.®, P.E.F.C. and Forest Products Chain of Custody by BM Trada. The F.S.C.® and P.E.F.C. certification schemes are globally recognised schemes to ensure that timber has originated from responsibly managed forests.

There are also several other environmental certification schemes used in specific regions of the world. These include S.F.I. (Sustainable Forest Initiative) from North America, C.S.A (Canadian Standards Association) and M.T.C.S. (Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme). These national schemes are all covered by the BM Trada Forest Products Chain of Custody Certification scheme.

In addition to these sustainable forest management schemes, there are a range of independently audited schemes to verify that timber has been legally harvested in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries of origin. Examples of these are T.L.T.V, M.L.T.V., V.L.T.V., V.L.O., V.L.C. and O.L.B. These are all handled using the audited procedures of the BM Trada Forest Products Certification Scheme.

Morgan Timber is one of the founder signatories of the Timber Trade Federation’s Responsible Purchasing Policy. This policy enables us to risk assess all of our suppliers and purchases and achieve continuous improvement by raising the proportion of timber and timber products that originate from legal and sustainably managed forests.

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We are committed to a Responsible Purchasing Policy for all of our timber procurement and we have audited chain of custody procedures for the supply of environmentally certified timber. Read more