Treatment and Coatings

To complement our timber and machining capabilities we can offer a range of treatments to enhance the natural durability of the timber or a selection of coatings to save time on site. The services available are described below:

High pressure preservative treatment
This treatment is a water based wood preservative that contains copper and organic biocides. This is often still described as CCA which was the term used when the treatment used Chromated Copper Arsenate salts which are now restricted for environmental reasons. When impregnated into the timber the preservative components bond with the wood structure and cannot easily be removed. The treatment protects the wood against wood-destroying fungi and insect attack. After impregnation the timber is a green colour although a brown pigment can be added if required. Typical uses for this preservative treated timber include general construction, cladding, garden structures and fencing. Pressure treated timber does not have to be painted or stained to maintain its preservative properties and is difficult to paint until it has had a period of drying because the process leaves the timber quite wet.

Low pressure preservative treatment
This treatment is a waterborne wood preservative formulation having fungicidal and insecticidal properties. This form of treatment leaves the timber much dryer after treating than the high pressure treatments. After impregnation the colour of the timber remains virtually unchanged with just a slight orange tint. This type of treatment is suitable for timbers above damp proof course, interior and exterior joinery and plywood.

Timber used in external applications is required to have further protective coatings applied such as a paint finish which can be applied without difficulty.

Fire retardant treatment
These treatments are water based formulations which are applied by vacuum pressure impregnation. There are different types of fire retardant treatments available dependent upon the final use of the timber, taking into consideration such factors as interior or exterior application and the classification required.

Priming and sand sealing
We are able to offer timber sprayed with a 2 pack white primer. This can be either one or two coats with sanding between coats. Alternatively for material which is to be finished on site with a clear lacquer we can supply the timber sprayed with one coat of sand seal.

Decorative coatings
Timber can be supplied fully finished with exterior decorative coatings from renowned manufacturers such as Sikkens, Morrells and Sigma. This is most popular for claddings.