Timber Species

Our wide range of joinery and structural timber is carefully sourced from the world’s leading producers through supply chains established over many years. This is supported by first hand inspections of the timber at the source of production and on arrival at our works. This combination enables us to maintain a quality stock holding from which we can offer, with confidence, timber suitable for almost any application.

Selected by experts
We select the timber for every order we receive to ensure that it is suitable for its end use and wastage is kept to a minimum. We can mark every board so that our customers are able to see straight away what our grader has selected for each piece on their cutting list.

Accurately measured.
The dimensions of every piece of timber that we sell are shown on a detailed tally printed on our delivery notes and again on our invoices so our customers can check exactly what they are paying for.


Hardwood Species

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Softwood Species

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