All our solid timber flooring is machined in house from our stocks of sawn kiln dried quality hardwoods. Machining the timber ourselves gives us greater control over the quality of the finished product, a wider range of finished widths and extra machining options. In addition, it allows us to offer a much longer length specification than is generally found on the imported pre machined floors.

Our standard flooring profile is a tongue and groove secret nail design which is shown below. This can be machined with a traditional flush face join or with a 'micro bevel'. This introduces a slight chamfer on the face of the boards creating a small 'v' where the boards meet making a feature of the join.

If required we can also 'end match' the boards which involves machining a square tongue and groove on the ends of the boards to aid with locating and aligning the boards.

With all hardwood flooring it is important that the timber is given time to acclimatise to its surroundings before being laid. For applications where the floor is to be used in a very warm or dry environment we are able to re-kiln the boards in our vacuum kiln to a reduced moisture content.

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Standard T & G flooring range

SPECIES/FACE COVER 100mm Cover 115mm Cover 138mm Cover 185mm Cover
American White Ash
American Hard Maple
American White Oak
American Black Walnut
European Oak

The range of species and face covers shown above are what we find to be the most commonly requested and/or most economical to produce. However, because we machine in house and hold a wide range of sawn hardwoods we have the ability to produce a much wider range of species/face cover combinations. In fact, subject to the board widths available, we can offer almost any face cover in any of the sawn hardwoods we keep.