Sale of Timber Stock

17th October 2022

Morgan Timber – Sale of Timber Stock

Morgan Timber will soon be closing and we are winding down our core business.

However, we will remain open until March 2023 and we have large quantities of high quality timber that we are selling at below market prices.

We have listed some of the packs of timber that are available HERE – just click on the timber species for details.

We also have our full range of timber available in smaller quantities and we are open as usual so please email or telephone our sales team with your enquiries.

Click HERE for list of stock packs.


Auction Sale of Plant, Machinery and Remaining Timber Stock

We will be selling all of our extensive range of plant and machinery along with remaining timber stock by online auction which closes on 26 April 2023. The plant and machinery is available to view and bid for now. Please follow click HERE for the auction website.

Announcement of Closure

8th August 2022

Morgan Timber – Announcement

Morgan Timber will soon be closing. The main reason for this is the age of the Directors who, at 75 and 67, would like to retire.

However, we will remain open until March 2023 to sell timber from our remaining stocks but, unfortunately, we are no longer offering a machining service.

We still have a huge range of timber and timber products available so please email or telephone our sales team with your enquiries.

There will be many special offers and bargains!


Biomass Heating Plant Installed

Biomass Heating Plant Installed

We have just commissioned a 600kw heating plant fuelled by the sawdust and wood chips produced by our machined shop. The plant uses the latest technology to meet the new stringent emission limits for the flue gases.

The plant will not only save oil and electricity but will give a much better level of heating to our workshops. This will make our machinists even more eager to get to work on frosty mornings!

London Design Festival

London Design Festival

Morgan Timber has supplied thermally modified timber for a project featured at the London Design Festival.

The project initiated by the American Hardwood Export Council and Benchmark Furniture, The Wish List brings together a stellar list of architects and designers to create a compelling installation which is being exhibited at the V&A during the 2014 London Design Festival.

Paul Smith, one of the designers, has commissioned a garden shed made from thermally modified ash, and the result is both practical and visually stunning.

See photos within the gallery section of our site.